Academic Initiatives promotes the RRC’s mission to “cultivate educational equity by building comunidad” through peer-support learning communities, academic success coaching, and conference and research preparation.

Some of the activities that Academic Initiatives host are:

  • One-to-one Consutlas with Learning Specialists
  • Weekly Writing Collectives
  • Conference Research and Writing Programs
  • Coaching for Graduate School and Fellowship Applications

Writing Collective


The Raza Resource Centro's Writing Collective is here to help UC San Diego students! The Writing Collective takes place every Friday at 12pm to 2pm! For more information, visit Writing Collective.

Graduate Learning Specialists

Do you need academic help in writing papers, mastering theories in multiple areas of STEM, social science & humanities, mentoring? Look no further! Check out our Learning Specialists team who are here to assist you! Take a look at their consultas calendar and book an appointment to meet with one!

Scholarships and Fellowship Opportunities

Do you need help looking for scholarships? Head over to Scholarship and Opportunity!

Do you need help with an essay for a scholarship? Well you are in the right place. Get in contact with our Learning Specialists and attend the Writing Collective!

Student Achievements

A page dedicated to student achievements such as awards, scholarship receipients, conference presenters, amongst others. Get to know our amazing scholars and their acheivements by visiting our Student Achievement page.