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About the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The UC San Diego Raza Resource Centro is in the division the UC San Diego Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. The UC San Diego Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (VC–EDI), believes that true excellence is achieved through productive relationships among people of diverse perspectives. Creativity and innovation prosper when the collective talents of our students, faculty, and staff are joined together in an environment that is open and inclusive. We define greatness by our ability to work together in a climate of shared respect, where diverse perspectives are valued and opportunities for growth and self-reflection exist for all. VC-EDI works in partnership with other Vice-Chancellor areas to ensure that students, faculty, and staff find community and self-empowerment, regardless of heritage, orientation, or situation.

Central to the purpose of the Office of the VC–EDI is to ensure that our community is one of equal opportunity, where mutual respect and cross-cultural collaboration is fostered and open dialogue is encouraged. It is our mission to initiate programs and provide resources that increase understanding and awareness of social justice, remove barriers for historically underrepresented groups, improve cross-cultural relations, and contribute to a campus climate that is safe and welcoming to all.

The VC–EDI, through partnership and collaboration, directs the campus efforts relative to diversity initiatives, which includes the work of the Campus Community Centers, as well as the efforts of two Associate Vice Chancellors for Faculty Diversity and Equity.

Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI)

What Is an HSI? 

As designated by the U.S. Department of Education, an HSI is one that enrolls a minimum of 25% full-time undergraduate Latinx students. Once designated as an HSI, UC San Diego will be eligible for grants to expand educational opportunities for Latinx students. These grants enable HSI campuses to expand and enhance academic offerings and strengthen student services and programs that increase retention and graduation.

In addition to federal resources, HSI status helps us create a more welcoming and inclusive campus culture, making our institution more attractive to potential high-achieving Latinx students.

You can read more about the HSI program at UCSD Hispanic Serving Institute.

Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) 

UC San Diego has made great strides toward becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI). With nearly 22% full-time Latinx undergraduate student enrollment as of fall 2020, we are considered an Emerging HSI. This puts us close to our goal of at least 25% full-time Latinx undergraduate enrollment, making us eligible for HSI designation by the U.S. Department of Education.

Additionally, as a renowned research institution with a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focus, UC San Diego aims to become a model STEM HSI.

Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative

Female graduate in crowdLatinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative

Core Values of the Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative:

Community and Culture / Comunidad y Cultura

We value and celebrate the dynamic cultural, familial, and regional experiences of our Latinx/Chicanx students.

Equity / Equidad

We promote dialogue, respect, and inclusivity to advance equitable access to educational opportunities.

Student-Centeredness / Enfoque Estudiantil

We embrace the whole student experience by affirming their intersectional identities and meeting their evolving aspirations, needs, and interests.

Success / Éxito

We support students in thoughtful ways that draw upon their existing strengths to define and achieve their success.

Flourish / Florecer

We inspire one another to honor the past, transform the present, and define the future together.

Accountability / Responsabilidad

We take responsibility for evaluating and communicating progress in meeting our mission and core values and we are committed to continuous improvement.

You can read more about the Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative Program here.