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Glad you are interested in touring the Raza Resource Centro!

We are currently not accepting in-person tours. We will resume tours of the space in 2022. 


Virtual Tour:

Welcome to the Raza Resource Centro!

The RRC’s mission is to cultivate educational equity by building comunidad. Our values can be summarized as CAFES.

Equity and

Born out of student activism, the Centro is here to serve the Latinx and Xicanx student population, but this doesn’t mean the Centro is exclusive to these students only. By serving this community, it serves the entire campus community.

Centro Hxstory:  

The Centro came to be because of student demands that were made in Black Winter of 2010. That year, during February (Black Hxstory Month) there was a party planned off campus called the Compton Cookout, where attendees were asked to dress as caricatures of the black community. After, a month of rallies, protests, and meetings with administration Black Student Union and M.E.Ch.A. students were able to have the university agree to a set of demands. The Centro was born in 2012 as a joint Center for Black and Latinx identified students. In 2014, the communities opened separate centers, with the RRC officially opening with a Ribon Cutting Ceremony on April 23rd, 2014. Our pro-staff has only been here for about 5 years and we are still growing as a center and community.

Virtual Tour Continued...

Front Desk

Front Desk:

The first thing you see as you walk into our doors is our Front Desk with our interns and/or volunteers waiting to greet you! If you are a UC San Diego student or staff, remember to sign in on our front desk laptop. The front desk is where you go to ask our interns or volunteers for help printing in our computer lab, if they can brew a cup of coffee for you, if our Career Staff is available to talk, along with many other things.




This is our main area where students come relax, study, nap, professors/TAs have office hours in the Enclaves. This is also our primary programming space, where our interns create events and workshops for YOU. There’s a TV that students are more than welcomed to use for professional and personal purposes. The Lobby also includes a Self Care Corner!


Self Care Corner

Self Care Corner:   

This space is open to everyone. Use any of the supplies as you need. If something runs out, or breaks, please inform a staff member.




The Raza Resource Centro is fortunate to have received the private library of the late Chicano/Latino Studies and History professor, the Jeff Garcilazo. Dr. Garcilazo, who was a UCSD alum (1981), was also one of the founding members of UCI's labor studies group and an important participant in the development of what is now a Chicano/Latino Studies major. The generous donation was made possible through the support of Professor Garcilazo’s family. There is a wide range books within the collection, which will help students understand the historical and contemporary experiences Xicanx/Latinx communities and how to connect activism with scholarship, especially around labor movements. There are not many Xicanx/Latinx books or writers, but we are fortunate to have some of those books and writers within the Centro’s Library for the students to use and enjoy. The books are for everyone, so please treat them with care.


Front Desk Mural


The mural behind the desk was done by a local San Diego artist Jose Olague, who has done some work in Chicano Park. The mural is a dedication to the indigenous people, who are not recognized often. We acknowledge that our Centro, and all of UCSD, sits upon occupied and stolen Kumeyaay lands. The Kumeyaay peoples we those indigenous to La Jolla, and the surrounding area. The other two include two panels to be installed in the conference room, as an ode to the African Diaspora and it’s connections to the Latinx heritage and social justice struggle.

For a more detailed infomration about the RRC murals, please visit Our Murals.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab:

We have a small computer lab that anyone can use as long as you have a UCSD ETS account. Printing is $0.05/page, and you can print in black and white or color printing. Mesa Cuauhtémoc was custom built for this Centro by a local carpenter. Scholars sit and study in this area or eat during their breaks.


Conference Room

Conference Room:

Students also use the conference room as a study space and the conference room has become are quiet study space. It can also be reserved for meetings, events, or workshops as long as you submit a reservation form. Grab a reservation form online, or in front of our Assistant Director’s door. Students are welcomed to use the white board and the projector for whatever it is that they are doing.




This is our kitchen! It is a community kitchen which means anyone can use it.

We have two rules:

1) label your food if you don’t want anyone else eating it. If something is NOT labeled it is open to community, so help yourself! 
2) clean up after yourself.

We are a huge community, and we need to look out for each other. Check the black board for more announcements! The manos (hands) you see on the wall are the Interns that have worked in the Centro throughout the years!  We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for student labor and demands, and so you can see how our students finger prints are now all over the walls.


If you need more than just pictures of our space, no worries! We have a short video showcasing our space for your conveniece. The link below will take you to our video: 

Video Tour of the Centro