La Mariposa Monarca y el Centro

La mariposa monarca se ha convertido en un símbolo muy prominente en el Raza Resource Centro y el la comunidad Latinx en los ultimos años. (The monarch butterfly has become a very prominent symbol in the RRC and in the Latinx community in the past couple of years.)


The monarch butterfly is now synonymous with Dreamers, Deferred Action for Cildhood Arrivals (DACA). Although the monarca has been a symbol of migration in Latin America and the U.S., it recently became the widespread symbol used to advocate for immigrant rights. Favianna Rodriguez is one of the artists that had worked to develop this symbol with the slogan "Migration is Beautiful". Fatima states that:

"Butterflies can cross borders, so the butterfly is the symbol to talk about the beauty of migrants as they are moving from place to place. Just like butterflies migrate in order to survive, people migrate in order to survive. It is not just about economics, it is also about people wanting to be unified with their families... These are all beatiful stories of who we are as humans, and I think that the butterfly is very sumbolic of that."

To us, the Raza Resource Centro, la mariposa monarca represents the resilience of migrants and the hope that we can do anything no matter the barriers we may come across. Many of us have heard the saying "hechale ganas" and we see the monarca as the outcome of this saying - flourishing and getting through hardships to achieve our goals.

To the Raza Resource Centro comunidad, la mariposa monarca represents and symbolizes freedom, the migrant community chasing dreams, growth, the beauty of change, hope, life, family roots, and guidance.

There are many of saying that involve a butterfly and motivation. Here are some:

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty" - Maya Angelou

"Quizás la mariposa sea el mejor ejemplo para demostrar, que después de momentos de gran oscuridad algo hermoso sucede."

"El secreto no es correr detrás de las mariposas... Es cuidar el jardín para que ellas vengan hacia ti." -Mario Quintana

4 Ways You Can Do to Help the Monarchs (By Hannah Rosengren):

  1. Plant milkweed and nectar plants native to your area to attract monarchs
  2. Create a monarch waystation by planting these monarch-friendly plants at schools, businesses, community gardens, and other unused plots of lands
  3. Avoid pesticides when maintaining your own plants, purchasing plants, and by choosing organically-grown foods
  4. Spread the word! Educate others about the importance of monarch conversation and what they can do to help. Support conservation organizations to help create abitats and share their educational materials