Sol Program

The Sol program is a new initiative to bridge the gap of retention of latinx students. The program is designed to provide latinx students the support and preparation needed to successfully graduate and benefit from the resources provided at UC San Diego. The program hopes to enhance time management skills, relationships with professors, and self-efficacy. This low-commitment program will entail recommended activities to ease your transition in and out of the university with a successful plan. The goal is to improve academic performance, increase your community engagement, and expand your social network.

The name Sol Program comes from the Spanish word "sun". This metaphor is used to signify the energy and resource given to the world, and the world choosing to use it to thrive.

All grade levels are invited and encouraged. This program is currently open to undergraduate latinx students only.


  1. Be a full-time, UC San Diego student. If you are taking time off or will be studying abroad for some time during the 2017-2018 academic school year you must notify this in the application.
  2. Submit an application by Wednesday Oct. 18th, 11:59pm.
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  • Dine or Coffee With a Prof: Once per quarter. Students are required to have one meal or coffee with a professor of their choice. This conversation would enhance the relationship of student/professor, provide easier access to letters of recommendation and academic guidance from a faculty member. Verification of attendance must be submitted to the Retention Intern.  
  • Professor's office hours: Once per quarter. Students are required to attend officer hours for each of their professors once a quarter. These interactions will enhance the student’s academic success and prevent any academic disciplinary action. A verification from must be submitted to the Retention Intern after each visit.
  • Attend RRC programs: Two per quarter. These programs must relate to student success, professionalism, or success after graduating. Eligible RRC programs will be advertised through the RRC newsletter. Programs from other community centers relating to any of the categories may be eligible to replace only one of the mandatory RRC programs; this must be approved by the Retention Intern.


Participants may be eligible to receive various incentives through out their enrollment in the program, including but not limited to free meals, gear, academic supplies and low cost to UCSD programs.


Please contact Miguel Anzelmetti, Retention intern, at, "Retention" on the subject line.