Estudiantes de Aztlán

Escuelita Aztlán (EAZ) is an independent Saturday School organized by educators and youth organizers within Unión del Barrio. EAZ serves two goals: to develop more cultural and political conciencia among young people in our communities, and to help build our long-term vision of an independent Raza liberation school.

EAZ aims to provide academic help as well as college guidance to the students of EAZ after their Saturday Sessions. We accept all majors in order to assist students in high-school level math, science, and writing courses.

Site visits

All visits are from 9:45 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Transportation is provided.

  • Winter quarter 2017
    • January 14
    • January 28
    • February 11
    • February 25
    • March 11
  • Spring quarter 2017
    • March 8
    • March 22
    • April 6
    • April 20


Estudiantes de Aztlán participants are expected to actively engage in all activities and trainings, including planning workshop sessions as needed. Because of the importance of consistency for the middle school/ high school students, participants may only miss two of the site visits. All participants are expected to attend all training sessions.


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