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Amigos de las Americas: AMIGOS is a leader in international youth development, creating a world in which young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. We provide extraordinary opportunities for youth to design and lead projects in collaboration with US and Latin American peers and partner organizations across the Americas. Our strong partner network, built over 50 years, enables authentic engagements in communities across the region. For more information please contact:

Argentine Tango Club: To build and sustain a community that gathers to practice and promote Argentine Tango at UCSD. For more information please contact

Bachata Club at UCSD:   The Bachata Club at UC San Diego is a non-profit organization offering Bachata dance instruction to the student population at large (undergraduate, graduate, part-time, full-time), faculty, staff, and alumni. We hope to create a fun social group that will foster a life-long appreciation for dancing in general. We also seek to enrich the UCSD campus life by providing an affordable and entertaining outlet for students to learn about Bachata dancing.  For more information please contact

Brazilian Student Association: It is the purpose of the Brazilian Student Association to represent and empower the Brazilian community in the University and its surroundings, to establish solid relationships with other universities and to form partnerships with the social, political, corporate and industrial sectors of Brazilian society. Our association also has as its mission to spread Brazilian culture and lifestyle by providing a comfortable environment and social network for members as well as all others interested in Brazilian culture. The Brazilian Student Association is a non-profit cultural, social and professional organization striving to promote the Brazilian culture as well as serving the above-mentioned purpose around UCSD campus and its surrounding environment. For more information please contact

Ballet Folklorico La Joya de Mexico: To engage members in a cultural understanding of Mexican Folk dance.      For more information please contact

Catholic Community at UCSD (Newman Center): We are students, alumni, faculty and staff at UCSD, as well as young adults and residents of the surrounding area who celebrate life together as the Catholic Community at UCSD. We feel at home in this community and are free to experience Christ's presence in the Word, in the Eucharist and in each other. Hospitality and welcome are hallmarks of our community. We are passionate about living the Gospel in the context of our Catholic faith. To us this means living in unity, embracing diversity. For more information please contact

Central Americas Raising Awareness in Solidarity: Currently not active but if interested in reactivating it please contact the Raza Resource Centro for information.                 

Chicanos/Latinos for Student Medicine: We are a pre-health undergraduate organization that is committed to providing support, guidance, and education in our pursuit for higher education in medicine. Our beliefs are deeply rooted in providing better health care for our underserved communities through service, empowerment, and improving access to culturally-competent health care. For more information please contact :

Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc. : The mission of Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation built on the foundation of respect and brotherhood, is to establish and promote a nurturing environment at the university level and beyond, through academic excellence, community service, and the celebration of the diverse Latino Culture. For more information please contact

Hermanas Unidas de UCSD: Hermanas Unidas is a Latina based organization that focuses primarily on academics, community service, and collegial networking. "Poder de la Mujer" is what all Hermanas strive to embody, both as individual women and as an organization. The motto symbolizes the strength and will of each and every Hermana in their quest for higher education, the empowerment of their families and communities, as well as equality in education, the workplace and the rest of society. For more information please contact:

La Fe (Intervarsity):  We are a group of Chicano/Latino students exploring God, faith, and the experiences of our people. We strive to walk along one another in all aspects of faith; personal, social, and communal. Being cultural people we ask the question of how our faith intersects and defines our ethnic identity, community, academics, and life. Come join us, all are welcome in this familia! For more information please contact:

La Raza Pre-Law Student Association: La Raza Pre-Law Student Association at UCSD is committed to addressing issues affecting the Chican@/Latin@ and other disadvantaged communities. We aim to foster pre-law leaders that will be committed to social justice and helping the disadvantaged. Thus, in a university with exhaustive resources for students focused on the sciences; our goal is to provide a framework of information, support, and resources in order to empower Raza to apply to and matriculate into law schools. We believe through increased access to information, students will realize law school is an achievable goal and a tool towards creating a more equitable society.

Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc.: The purpose of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. shall be to open doors of opportunity to the Latinas of our community. Our primary focus is academic excellence and meeting the needs of Latina women in higher education. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. also promotes the advancement of Latinas through various campus activities and community services, and provides an environment for personal growth within a unit of sisterhood. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc.'s priorities, however, will be placed upon academic excellence and community service.  For more information please contact:

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity INC.:   Lambda Theta Phi is a latin-based fraternity seeking to establish a diverse/ multicultural Greek brotherhood and an equitable college campus, by empowering underrepresented communities within the San Diego region through community service, and becoming a progressive voice for students in campus affairs through active engagement and support in student organizing. On an individual level, Lambdas seeks to enhance members and interested individuals college experience by providing opportunities to participate and facilitate events which will develop into leadership, professional, academic, and life skills necessary to thrive in life and the integral components of a balanced life: social, service, extracurricular, health & wellness, finance, mentorship, academic, cultural, professional, and spiritual. Furthermore, Lambda Theta Phi at UCSD strives to work on the following goals within the UCSD community. Developing a more unified student body through cross-collaboration amongst Greek, non-greek, and residential organizations as well as participation throughout the campus community centers! For more information please contact:

Latin American Student Organization: LASSO is an SDSU student organization that is open to all grade levels and disciplines. Its members are active not just in academics but in advocacy, activism, art, community service and all other arenas that raise awareness and knowledge of LAS-related topics, activities and events in San Diego and beyond.

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Migrant Rights Awareness: Migrant Rights Awareness strives for change in our community so that all people regardless of immigration status are guaranteed absolute access to equal rights and opportunities and are perceived as being deserving of the same. Migrant Rights Awareness (MiRA) is committed to work to make the UCSD campus climate and community inclusive of the undocumented community on and off campus. We seek to promote the need and necessity of resources for undocumented students and students of mixed status families so that they are retained at the university level. Also MiRA strives make it so that UCSD is viewed as more accessible to students who identify as undocumented and may shy away from this university due to the demographic and geographical proximity to the US- Mexico Border and checkpoints. For more information please contact:

Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (MEChA): M.E.Ch.A. is a political voice for UCSD. It takes part in a series of political events through out the year, such as Raza Awareness Week. M.E.Ch.A. also honors many cultural holidays such as El dia de los Muertos and Las Posadas that occur in December; creating an atmosphere for social interaction. M.E.Ch.A. also strives in bridging the gap between High School and College by working directly with the youth of our community. This is accomplished through our annual Raza Youth Empowerment Conference, weekly outreach events, campus tours, overnight programs, and one on one mentoring. In realizing the importance of giving back to the community, we recognize that we are at UCSD to be successful students. We strive to build a community that is strong and united. The year is finalized with our Raza Graduation. Most importantly, throughout the year we build a strong network of people who are currently aware students, activists, and friends. For more information please contact:;

Mujeres de Maiz Collective: The mission of this organization shall be to empower and support working class women of color in academia. As mujeres from a working class background, we understand that our struggles take on multiple dimensions in institutions of higher learning. We must negotiate the “imposter” phenomenon while also accepting our “outsider” status. We wish create an alternative space for working-class women of color in the academe in order to build a support network as we navigate the challenges we face in academia. As a collective we aspire to find forms of empowerment through education, art, cultura, activism and mentorship. For more information please contact:

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, INC: Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is the Oldest Latino Fraternity in Existence. The history of Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is the history of all Latino college students and professionals who strive to keep their intellectual heritage alive. Phi Iota Alpha’s vision is La Unión De La Patria Latino Americana and our mission is the promotion of personal, community, and Pan-American development through the ideals of Pan-American intellectuals and their philosophies. We believe in a commitment to the Latin American culture which involves intellectual development, cultural consciousness, personal growth, personal achievement, and social awareness. For more information please contact:      

Phi Lambda Rho Sorority Inc.:  Our purpose is to promote academics, community service, sisterhood, and the Chicano/Latino culture. For more information please contact:

Project Nicaragua: A non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of health care in Nicaragua, cultivate humanitarian traits in future professionals, and raise awareness of Nicaragua. For more information please contact:

Queer and Trans* People of Color: Queer and Trans* People of Color (QT*POC) at UCSD was established in 2000 by a group of Queer students of Color FED UP with racism in the queer community, and with homophobia and transphobia within cultural organizations. With this, at the core of QT*POC are our commitments to struggle and our commitments to activism. We recognize the intersections of our multiple, beautiful, and sometimes confusing identities, as well as the related intersections of social justice movements. We create a SPACE--a social, political, academic, and cultural environment--to enhance our members' entire self-being and holistic wellness. For more information please contact:

Raza Graduate Student Association: The purposes of the Raza Graduate Student Association (RGSA) are to: 1) increase unity among graduate students of color, particularly Latin@/Chicana@ students, at UCSD 2) promote graduate education to Latin@/Chicana@ undergraduate student populations, and recruit them for graduate school at UCSD 3) provide a community, resources, and a social network for graduate students of color at UCSD (RGSA is a not-for-profit organization.) For more information please contact:

SACNAS Chapter at UCSD: The purposes of this organization shall be: (1) To further the work of, to improve the effectiveness of, and to enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in science; (2) To cooperate with other individuals, organizations, clubs, and other groups whose purposes include the achievement of public understanding for Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in the sciences; (3) To promote student recruitment and retention of Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in science at UC San Diego; (4) To provide a forum for students from different science majors and science related majors to come together for academic, community service and social activities at UC San Diego. For more information please contact:

Siblings Without Borders: Siblings Without Borders was founded in 2011 by UCSD students with a mission of helping children in disadvantaged communities.  Our participation in the Clinton Global Initiative inspired us to address the academic and social shortcomings in various orphanages, schools and community centers in low-income neighborhoods. Our ultimate goal is to create life long ties with children in underprivileged communities.  While doing so, we aim to mentor children to strive for higher education and success in the future. For more information please contact:

Sigma Alpha Zeta: The purpose of Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority, Incorporated shall be to act as an elite multicultural group who promotes the upward mobility of women and enhances the community by means of education and voluntary services. For more information please contact:

Sigma Pi Alpha National Sorority Inc.: Sigma Pi Alpha is a Chicana/Latina based sorority that focuses on community service, campus involvement, and sisterhood and within these components we stress academics and cultural awareness. We hope to provide women with the means to access higher education and to provide women on campus with community service opportunities and academic, personal, and individual support. Although we are a Chicana/Latina based sorority, our sisterhood reaches out to all different ethnicities. For more information please contact:

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers: Mission SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize their fullest potential and impacts the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development. Vision SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians and engineers. For more information please contact:

Son Jarocho Semillitas at UCSD:                The mission of this organization shall be to empower and support working students of color through the music of Son Jarocho as a pedagogical tool for retention within the university. As students of color from a working class background, we understand that our struggles take on multiple dimensions in institutions of higher learning. We wish create an alternative space for working-class students of color in order to build a support network as we navigate the challenges we face in academia. As a collective we aspire to find forms of empowerment through Son Jarocho as a cultural and political musical art form.

Student Affirmative Action Committee:               The Student Affirmative Action Committee (SAAC), formed in 1975, is a UC San Diego student coalition committed to upholding the principles of educational equity and opposing institutional oppression. SAAC is dedicated to fighting ignorance, addressing the issues confronting historically underrepresented and/or underserved students and promoting cross-cultural awareness and communication by strengthening the bonds between students and organizations.

Students Against Mass incarceration: This student organization seeks to educate the campus about mass incarceration (the Prison Industrial Complex) as a form of institutionalized racism. To do so, the group will provide a space to cultivate a culture of undergraduate student activism against the injustice in the U.S. prison system and cooperate with faculty and graduate students to spread awareness primarily through screenings, speakers, and panels. For more information please contact:

Student-Worker Collective : We are community members, undergraduates, graduate students and workers working together to build solidarity – through collaboration and support.  For more information please contact:

The Salsa Club at UCSD: The UCSD Salsa Club attempts to bring dance to all members of the UCSD student and faculty community. It's a place where we practice, practice, socialize, relax, and relax some more on the dance floor. Timid about dance, let allow salsa dancing? That's alright- learn moves on our dance floors so you can later bust them out on hot latin club floors. For more information please contact:

Triton Food Pantry: The mission of the Triton Food Pantry is to provide a discreet service to UCSD students in need of food. Our goals are to ensure that every student has enough energy to get through the day and that no student needs to give up a single meal for any reason. We aim to build a network of resources and awareness about food insecurity. For more information please contact: